21Sextury doesn’t load onto your screen it explodes. The moment the site lands you will be bombarded by the raunchiest, hard core, anal fucking, squirt drinking, cross-age orgies that you have laid your perverted eyes upon. This site is not for the faint at heart but those made of stronger stuff will definitely appreciate it. For a site that has only been around for 5 years it must be commended for its exponential growth.  It doesn’t have a specific theme but is the main site for a group of sites on the 21 network.  As it should be clear by now there’s no landing page, it just gets straight into the content showing screenshots of some of the scenes available with the average time of a scene being 30 minutes.


21 Sextury is a hell of a hardcore site, I wouldn’t be surprised if the director of 2 girls one cup had some time here before going on to greater things. The Front page has a picture of one girl getting it in the ass while giving a handjob and a blowjob at the same time. There is content you can check to see whether it’s your cup of tea but you must register. It’s a bit unorthodox as compared to other sites however you get a full 30 minute scene not some one minute flash scene in which the first 30 seconds are an interview about how the girl got into porn. If you aren’t a member the site will have limited usability however for someone who’s in it 100% you will have many navigation tools to help with your browsing experience, there is also a keyword search engine but a more general one would be better. Content is organized into four rows and they are; most favoured, latest, top models and newest models. The girls on this site are amazing and not only go the whole nine yards but do a lap of honour, you can’t find a better group elsewhere. 21 Sextury has won several awards over the years including the 2014 XbiZ award for Site of the Year. The site has worked with top actors such Sophie Moane, Aletta Ocean and Liona Levi to name a few. In addition, the site boasts 2875 pornstars and 11000 videos in their archive already with content uploaded regularly.  Subscription to 21 Sextury opens the doors 49 other sites which could be the biggest bargain as far as porn sites go, it includes, Monster Dildo, Footsie Babe, 21 Naturals, Asshole fever and more. Interactivity is limited to the members’ area of the site where they can rank models and videos as well as see how many people have viewed respective videos however there is no indication that they have accounts on social networks. Sextury has however made an effort to be accessible via mobile and the site is compatible with Android and Windows Phone.


This site really has brought porn to the 21Sextury with its hard core no holds barred scenes in niches few other sites would dare touch. The actors are some of the internets finest and there are some award winning models here, not to mention that the site has won a site of the year award showing its quality. There are so many sites to choose from upon subscription that you will be hard pressed to ever subscribe to another network especially given that there are at least two updates per day. 21Sextury is also compatible with most mobile OS so you can always access it wherever you are.


21Sextury is the main site to a network of smaller niche sites that have exhibited exponential growth since the launch of the site in 2009. It is a hardcore network with content uploaded on a daily basis and it is difficult to exhaust its already large archive. The site does have navigation tools although the keyword search engine could be improved. Some of the internets finest are here and with its mobile compatibility with the most popular mobile OS you can enjoy it anywhere anytime.

Parting Shot

Whatever you are looking for in a site you will find it here and the bugs in the system are too few to disturb you.

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