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All Japanese pass is where you get access to several sites under one. The site is a mega site hosting content from many of the sites and looks to be one of the best places for you to check out Asian girls. The site was started in 2010 and has grown considerably since then. The site doesn’t have a main genre but hosts the content from its niche sites. The site is in English however the videos are in Japanese. Its landing page is non-existent but from a Japanese site who would expect it? The average time of a video is 100 minutes.


The all Japanese Pass website is hardcore which isn’t surprising. It has a great landing and they have a list of their latest videos for you to check and their most popular ones. The site even has a mobile version showing the level of planning that went into it. When I checked the mobile site looked as great as the desktop version. The content comes in several formats from exceptionally low to HD and there are more than 2600 models features on the site. They also have DVDs which are full length movies and with their focus on lengthy shots this is their best product. In the short time that the site has been around they have managed to accrue 25000 videos and over 2900 pictures. Surprisingly some of the videos are censored. Japan has some baffling porn laws that ban showing penises and vaginas on porn however they do upload content that is not censored just as often. The action is impressive! Remember that this is Japan we’re talking about no one gets freakier than them some of their finest are on this site such as Akiho Yoshizawa, Miyu Hoshino, Aya Hirai and Haruka Itoh.  Content on the site is uploaded on a daily basis, often multiple uploads on a single day and a subscription gets you access to 22 other sites on the network such as Tokyo Bang, 18 Tokyo, Japanese Slurp, Japanese Teacher and Office Sex JP. Credit must be given to the network on the creative niches that the sites on the network have, there’s even one focussed on Cosplay. One peeve I had with the site is that there is no free content to review but the way the site is structured you’d think there is, when you click on a video it looks like it’s going to start but then it tells you that subscription is required.  The site doesn’t have any social network presence however they do have apps on the site so that you can share their links and videos in you feel particularly moved by them. Some of their top models are also quite renowned so you can also find their pages on Facebook and Twitter.


All Japanese Pass is a really great site with both its mobile and desktop sites being easy to navigate through and with a search engine that does not have any obtrusive ads. The girls on the site look amazing and do their nation proud and with some of the most creative directors behind them, you won’t believe some of the story lines that they have. The videos are in varied quality which you can choose from and it’s not a few; it’s all. Content is uploaded on such a frequent basis that if you do watch everything from their features to their videos my hats off to you and now go a get a real job. A subscription also comes with access to several other sites which definitely is something to look forward to.


All Japanese Pass is the parent site to a network of sites based in Japan that feature a variety of niches in them. The site has great quality videos with a creative group who go where no other man has gone before.  The site features some of Japan’s finest actors and they hold nothing back. It’s too bad that the site has some material censored but there is a lot that’s not and is still worth watching.

Parting Shot

This is definitely the place to go to view Asian Porn and its girls like theirs that started the Asian fever.

Subscription Rates

  • 3 Days – $1.00
  • 1 Month – $19.95
  • 3 months – $59.95 (19.98/month)
  • 1 year – $89.95 90 (7.5/month)

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